KARASU - [Multi-Media]-Installations & Video / ...

GBM - KaRaSu - the sound environment
Cooperating with Diane Simpo
Multimedia-Installation "BACK to the BONE" - theatro Graz
Soundtrack & Live-Music-Performance by Nola Sommer & cme (git)
VIRTUAL WAR (Web-Art) & WEAK BLOOD (Web-Art) 99
Artists all over the world collaborating in coord. of Rainer Strasser
Photoexhibition Literaturhaus Vienna
Visualisations to the novel "Zum Abschied vom Vater" by Robert Riedl
Audio-Visual-Literary performance project, collaborating with Robert Riedl, Dr. Nachtstrom & D. Tschmelak
Video and Live Installations "Rhythms of Violence" - Dom im Berg, Graz
A collaboration with Imagewerk, Bi & Dr. Nachtstrom
"en el ojo del sol - / - im auge der sonne - / - in the eye of the sun" - an international interdisziplinary animation-film-performance-art-project

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