In 2001 the artist Klaus Schrefler [KaRaSu] was asked to contribute to an ARGUS event, Dom im Berg in Graz, Austria dedicated to sexually abused children and youth since his work has dealt with different forms of violence for many years. He created an eleven minute double screen video (including the intense sounds of Rudl Vogtenhuber´s Filter) with the intention of simultaneously showing two perspectives in which the viewer could identify with, that of the perpetrator or of the victim. While the piece contains no graphic actions, it takes the audience through a natural progression of events leading to the repitious rhythm of abuse. The loop reverses to emphasize the reflection of the present in relationship to the past symbolizing the continual cycle of violence as the precondition for the excuse of perpetration.

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Gewalt ist die Bedingung für die Rechtfertigung sie auszuüben
violence is the precondition for the excuse for perpetration

video under support of / video unterstützt von:
Imagewerk, projekt argus - jugend am werk, Didi Bruckmayr, Wolfgang Christandl
performance under support of / performance unterstützt von:
, fm4, Vorzeichen

for and organized by "Projekt Argus schützt Kinder vor sexueller Gewalt" [Project Argus protects children and youth of sexual abuse"]

Later, in 2004 the video was also shown at a porn-cinema in Graz, in 2005 an organic installation was added and integrated

Video in Cinema Projection @ Bahnhofs-Non-Stop-Kino Graz - 03. 06. 2004

- Video-Statement by KaRaSu -

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