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"Those who are searching for the easy way out avert darkness. They can never conjure the sun for there is no light without darkness!." [zit. KaRaSu]. The idea of the "Museum of Modern Crime" was born on a trip to Japan while visiting the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. It has become a synonym for the artistic space of Klaus KaRaSu Schrefler. Since 1997 Schrefler, who graduated with a PhD in visual media in Ecology is dedicating most of his time to the arts - painting, photography, video and performance, including initiation and cooperation in several internet-art-projects and installations. His engagement is focused on the transformation of war, violence and racicm, thematically orientated on both spriritual and psychoanalytic backgrounds of human beings towards darkness.

Meanwhile the term MUSEUM OF MODERN CRIME has become a synonym for several people including professionals in management (Georg Brandenburg, MEc), 3D-reconstruction (Thomas Siegl), video-cut (Elmar Ranegger), several musicians and more - therefore The [Museum of Modern Crime] Syndicate was found - all are working on the same background - focussed on "The art of giving back the light of mankind" [check the backgrounds].

Although KaRaSu is still concentrating on critical positions to (anti-)developments in the world, the way of expression has slightly changed. Since 2001 KaRaSu started to write the "Book of the post apocalyptic light" and Museum of Modern Crime engages more and more in visual arts of video and 3D-animation, cooperating with people from abroad, including Ecuador, the US and Japan,.

Get an idea of everything in visiting the MUSEUM OF MODERN CRIME - and please take your time - this is not a site to rush through!