"Since 1996 the artist KaRaSu, the two musicians Dietmar Tschmelak and Dr. Nachtstrom and the writer Robert Riedl are occupied independently and intensively with social "types of play" and excrescences of violence (begun with "more harmlessly" verbal violence in the family up to "legal" or institutionalized forms in war such as genocide). From the "topic desks relationship" of the work of the Austrian artists or the common experience from their different artistic contexts resulted the idea to the artistic overall project SAINT SILVIA. In the project "Zum Abschied vom Vater" the four artists are specially dealing with forms of violence occuring within the family merging the literarily, visual and musical artistic context. Not only limiting themselves on the classic critics, the taboo is one of the most interesting thematics - as a starting point of special repression and violence to an even larger part of society."

The first live-event was the audio-visual-literarian performance-project "Zum Abschied vom Vater" at minoritensaal, graz, austria on 29/2/2000 featuring a spoken word performance [in german in a way of southern-austrian slang] with visual action & music/noise samples; several others followed; due to requests restart 2003.

To get an idea of the content, if you are non-german-speaker check the visual works in "Zum Abschied vom Vater".

Check out other overall projects by Klaus Schrefler at the Museum of Modern Crime:
Special hint: A project dealing with the topics of sexual abuse of children is "Rhythmen der Gewalt" [rhythms of violence] - a video-sound performance by Klaus Schrefler and Dr. Nachstrom, including Elmar Ranegger - a live performance in the Dom im Berg, Graz, Austria merching the video Rhythmen der Gewalt and several other video-performance parts of Klaus Schrefler, such as BACK to the BONE to an incredible live-event.

KaRaSu on mur.at